Weapons in Illinois

Brooks Martial Arts Center

600 Industrial Drive, Unit F
Cary, IL 60013
(847) 462-5909

Ancient Martial Arts for the Modern World Brooks Martial Arts Center is the only commercial dojo in Illinois teaching Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu, which incorporates several schools developed by the legendary Ninja and Samurai of feudal. Unarmed training as well as defending yourself from and using weapons are all aspects of the training provided at the Brooks Martial Arts Center.

Brooks Martial Arts Center

Rakow Rd & Nimco Dr
Crystal Lake, Illinois 60014
(815) 893-9330

The Brooks Martial arts center is dedicated to teaching ancient Japanese martial arts for the modern day. We teach bujinkan budo taijutsu (warrior ways of using the body). Taijutsu is a comprehensive ancient combat art, incorporating hand-to-hand as well as weaponized defense and offense. Families and individuals improve themselves physically and mentally by developing good lifelong habits through full self-protection training. Classes are i . . .