Martial Arts Schools in Temple Hills

Cecil Ryu Taekwondo Club

5300 Temple Hill Road
Temple Hills, Maryland 20748

We are a Chang Hon Patterns (ITF style) Taekwondo club located at Temple Hills Community Center since March 2008. We cross-train in Judo/Yudo, Jujitsu and Western Boxing. The class is taught by Cecil Washington, with assistance from guest instructors and senior students. CLASSES COST $40 PG RESIDENTS, $48 NON-RESIDENTS, 8 WEEKS. THERE ARE NO TESTING FEES AND NO CONTRACTS. AGES SIX TO ADULTS ARE WELCOME. To register call 301-894-6616. You can . . .

Young Kwon

3801 Branch Ave
Temple Hills, MD 20748

A Plus Martial Arts

3239 Brinkley Rd
Temple Hills, MD 20748

Emory Marketing Systems Llc Dba Lloyd Irvin's Jiu Jitsu

6333 Old Branch Ave # 302
Temple Hills, MD 20748

Grand Tiger Taekwondo Club

7064 Allentown Rd
Temple Hills, MD 20748